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The Education Industry

Stable Power Quality and effective Power Management systems underpin the smooth operation of educational institutions.

With the increasing integration of technology in education, stable Power Quality is essential for supporting online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and digital educational resources.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are crucial for protecting against power outages or fluctuations that could disrupt classes, compromise educational activities and lead to data loss.

Effective Power Management practices also play a vital role in optimizing energy usage, reducing operational costs and supporting sustainability efforts.


University of Queensland

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) is globally recognized as one of the top 50 universities, renowned for its commitment to knowledge leadership and collaboration with partners and communities to foster positive change.

Power On Australia has established a longstanding partnership with UQ, supplying specialized DC Power Systems to bolster their communication infrastructure and providing UPS systems to support a diverse range of laboratory and IT equipment essential for advancing research aimed at creating a better world.

University of Sydney

Sydney University

The University of Sydney stands as one of Australia’s premier universities, pioneering efforts to tackle environmental, social, and governance challenges.

Power On Australia has been a reliable partner, assisting the University of Sydney with the design and supply of essential Power Quality equipment for the Science Department at their Camperdown/Darlington campus and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music site. Our support extends to ongoing maintenance services, ensuring seamless operations at these key locations.

Australian Wine Research Institute

Australia Wine Research Institute

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) is committed to providing world-class research, solutions, and knowledge transfer to support the grape and wine industry.

For many years, Power On has been a trusted partner, providing maintenance services for AWRI’s essential 100kW N+1 UPS system located at their site in Urrbrae, South Australia.

University of South Australia

University of South AustraliaPower On Australia has been a long-standing supporter of the University of South Australia (UniSA), the premier University of Enterprise in Australia and the top-ranked university in South Australia.

Over the course of numerous years, Power On Australia has provided UPS supply and maintenance services for multiple sites across UniSA, catering for a diverse range of applications.

Deakin University

Dr Andrew Sullivan manages an advanced characterisation facility supporting research at Deakin University’s four campuses in Southern Victoria.

Andrew has partnered with Power On Australia for 18 years. He primarily orders UPS’ through them, and engages their engineers when external technical expertise is required.

“In 18 years working with Power On Australia, I can confidently say they have never let me down.”

Dr Andrew Sullivan, Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University

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Monash University

Monash University

With Monash University’s course delivery strategy relying entirely on online platforms, maintaining uninterrupted power is essential.

Power On Australia has been a steadfast partner, supporting Monash University in powering their IT infrastructure and ensuring downtime is reduced to 0%. This commitment guarantees that their service delivery remains impeccable and beyond reproach.


“In 18 years working with Power On Australia, I can confidently say they have never let me down.”

Dr Andrew Sullivan
Institute for Frontier Materials
Deakin University

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