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Security Industry

Security systems such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarm systems and emergency lighting require a stable power supply to function optimally.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are essential for safeguarding these systems against power outages or fluctuations, which could compromise the safety and security of individuals and assets. In environments where security is paramount, such as airports, banks, government buildings and public venues, any disruption in power could lead to significant risks and vulnerabilities.

Robust Power Quality and Management practices are therefore essential to maintaining the integrity and reliability of security systems, mitigating potential threats, and ensuring the safety and protection of people and property.



C R Kennedy Security

C.R. Kennedy has been a key player in the CCTV and Electronic Security industry since 1984, with a nationwide presence in Australia.

Power On Australia collaborates with C.R. Kennedy to manage power quality requirements for security applications across various sectors, including casinos, private manufacturers, and medical organizations. In casinos, continuous power supply to security cameras and surveillance systems is crucial for monitoring gaming areas and ensuring the integrity of operations. Power On Australia provides tailored power quality solutions to support C.R. Kennedy in this critical area, ensuring seamless and reliable operation of security systems at all times.



Honeywell, a pioneering leader in aerospace technologies, building automation, energy solutions, and industrial automation, relies on Power On Australia for the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of power quality equipment. This equipment powers key door locks and general surveillance systems in various prisons. In prisons, security camera footage is timestamped as proof of events or incidents, requiring sufficient battery backup for at least two hours in most cases.

Power On Australia ensures uninterrupted power supply, providing Honeywell with precisely tailored solutions and ample battery backup to meet these critical requirements consistently.

National Security & Surveillance

National Security & Surveillance LogoNational Security & Surveillance (NSS), an electronic security and surveillance equipment wholesaler based in Richmond, Victoria, relies on Power On Australia for their UPS needs.

For many years, we have supported National Security & Surveillance, not only by providing UPS solutions for their customers but also by offering guidance to ensure the right solution is chosen for each specific application. Our aim is to assist NSS in providing tailored UPS solutions that meet the unique requirements of their customers, rather than simply supplying any UPS box.

Security camera

“I can’t fault the way they scoped and executed what was to be a very large project. I’d say no job is too big for them.”

Peter Stevenson
General Manager, Client Services

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