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Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

​Manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, machining, and material handling, require a constant and reliable power supply to maintain productivity and meet production targets.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are essential for safeguarding against power interruptions or fluctuations that could disrupt operations and lead to costly downtime. Additionally, modern manufacturing facilities increasingly incorporate advanced automation and robotics, which are highly dependent on consistent Power Quality for optimal performance.

Effective Power Management practices also play a crucial role in optimizing energy usage, reducing operational costs, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.



VisyVisy, Australia’s largest recycling company, partners with councils nationwide to process the majority of Australia’s recyclable waste.

Power On Australia has been a trusted partner of Visy for over 18 years, providing product sales and maintenance to support their critical power equipment and key council projects. Ensuring uninterrupted power to key equipment such as paper crushers and container recycling booths is vital for Visy, as any outages can halt entire operations and reduce their recycling efforts. Power On Australia stands by Visy’s side, maintaining their UPS equipment at sites across Australia during planned shutdowns to minimize disruptions to processes reliant on this vital equipment.

Blue Scope Steel

Blue-Scope-SteelBlueScope is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality steel for the building and construction industry in Australia and internationally.

Over the years, Power On Australia has collaborated closely with BlueScope Steel to design various power quality configurations, ensuring uninterrupted operation of their manufacturing equipment and minimizing downtime and associated costs. One notable project involved designing a robust power quality system for the Port Kembla site, capable of withstanding the hot and dusty environment within BlueScope’s manufacturing plant.


BradnamsBradnam’s Windows and Doors is a leading supplier of Aluminium window, aluminium doors, showerscreens and sliding wardrobe doors in Australia.

Power On Australia has supplied a complete UPS and Genset solution for Bradnam’s Windows & Doors at their Brendale site, plus the ongoing maintenance of this equipment, to ensure their production processes and associated IT Infrastructure continues as expected without any power outage downtime.

Industrial machinery

“I can’t fault the way they scoped and executed what was to be a very large project. I’d say no job is too big for them.”

Peter Stevenson
General Manager, Client Services.

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