We keep the Power On by offering…

Emergency Breakdown Service – 24/7

We resolve breakdowns of key equipment like UPS and Genset systems as quickly as possible – during or after business hours, 24/7.

We aim to minimise downtime by getting your equipment up and running at minimum cost and disruption to your business.

Repair of Portable Equipment

Alternative to on-site service: Cost effective repair in our workshop

Portable power equipment such as UPS’, generators and transformers are capable of being uninstalled without the need for an electrician.

Rather than an on-site service which incurs call out fees and travel time, we can service portable equipment in our workshop far more economically.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Save significant costs, data loss and staff downtime.

Our experienced Technicians will inspect the internal and external condition or your equipment, along with the interface to other equipment.

You receive:

Our Power Quality Preventative Maintenance Plan will outline a proactive maintenance schedule for your equipment to maintain your equipment and prevent the disruption and cost of power outages.

Battery Replacements

Extend the life of your batteries and ensure continuous power supply.

With proper maintenance, you can ensure optimum battery performance for as long as the battery’s life permits. If during an inspection our technicians notice signs of failure, we will recommend battery replacement to avoid a power outage.

24/7 support
Portable equipment
Preventative maintenance plans
Battery replacements

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