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Professional Services

Professional Services firms, such as law, architecture, real estate and consulting rely on dependable electricity to power critical tools and equipment such as computers, printers, communication devices and office infrastructure.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are crucial for ensuring continuous operation, protecting against data loss, and maintaining productivity during power outages or fluctuations. In professions where confidentiality and data security are paramount, such as law firms and real estate agencies, uninterrupted power is essential for safeguarding sensitive client information and maintaining trust.

Effective Power Management practices also contribute to cost optimisation and sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption and minimising environmental impact.


Forensic Services Australia

Forensic Services AustraliaForensic Services Australia (FSA) specializes in the forensic investigation of insured losses and fire-related matters.

Power On Australia has supported FSA by conducting a comprehensive site audit of all their specialist electronic equipment. Following this audit, we designed a holistic power quality program that includes recommended equipment to provide power protection and battery autonomy. Additionally, we implemented a maintenance program to ensure that the equipment remains operational when needed, enabling FSA to carry out their investigations effectively and reliably.

Idexx Laboratories


Idexx is a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, utilizing diagnostic and software products and services to bring clarity to a complex and evolving world.

Power On Australia has supported Idexx by assessing their existing power quality equipment, guiding them towards consolidation to simplify maintenance processes. Additionally, we implemented a proactive maintenance program aimed at minimizing downtime, ensuring continuous operation of their critical systems.

Leroy Palmer Consulting Engineers


Leroy Palmer Consulting Engineers (LPCE) are a boutique structural, civial & hydraulic engineering company.

Power On Australia works side by side with LPCE in designing power quality systems to suit their individual customers needs.

SLR Consulting Australia


SLR Consulting Australia, environmental engineers committed to “Making Sustainability Happen,” tackle some of the world’s most complex sustainability challenges.

To support their efforts, SLR engaged Power On Australia to assist in designing the most eco-friendly power solution for one of their clients. This solution incorporated energy-saving features, reduction in heat dissipation, and integration of solar power to align with sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact.

“I can’t fault the way they scoped and executed what was to be a very large project. I’d say no job is too big for them.”

Peter Stevenson
General Manager, Client Services

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