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The Transport Industry

From airports and seaports to railways, roadways, and public transit systems, dependable power is essential for powering critical systems such as traffic lights, signalling systems, ticketing kiosks, security cameras, and communication networks.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are crucial for preventing disruptions caused by power outages or fluctuations, which could lead to delays, safety hazards, and inconvenience to passengers. Effective Power Management practices not only enhance the reliability and efficiency of transportation services, but also contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability by optimizing energy usage.

With the increasing integration of technology in modern transportation, including electric vehicles and smart infrastructure, ensuring stable Power Quality is paramount for supporting innovation and meeting the evolving needs of travellers and commuters.


Toll Transport


Toll Group operates a vast logistics and global freight forwarding network spanning 150 countries.

Power On Australia has developed numerous continuous power solutions for Toll throughout their transportation network. A key project involved supplying two large custom UPS systems to Toll Helicopters. These systems were specifically designed to provide battery backup for their flight simulators, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safety in training scenarios.

Queensland Rail


Queensland Rail, owned by the Queensland Government, operates the local and long-distance passenger services along an approximate 6,600 kilometres of track and related infrastructure.

Power On Australia was engaged by Queensland Rail to design battery backup solutions for various sites throughout their rail network, ensuring the smooth operation of boom gates and signalling equipment plus also provide critical Preventative Maintenance services of this equipment to ensure they Power On at all times.

Metro Trains Sydney

Sydney Metro

Metro Trains Sydney, the private operator of the Metro North West Line, Australia’s only fully accessible driverless train service, relies on Power On Australia for the maintenance of their 48V DC Power Systems dispersed across their extensive rail network. In a bustling city like Sydney, downtime is unacceptable for the train network.

Power On Australia is committed to providing advice and equipment to support and eliminate downtime, ensuring uninterrupted commutes for Metro Trains Sydney customers. Our partnership helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of the train service, contributing to a seamless transportation experience for passengers.

Hitachi Rail STS Australia


Hitachi Rail STS Australia collaborates closely with passenger rail operators to develop reliable and sustainable transport solutions for mining and urban commutes.

Power On Australia has been involved in numerous projects with Hitachi Rail STS Australia, primarily assisting with DC power requirements. Since 2012, Power On Australia has held the official endorsement of Hitachi Rail STS Australia as a ‘Preferred Supplier’. We provide sourcing, supply, and product design of power quality products suitable for a wide range of project applications. Key recent projects include the Roy Hill Project, Auto Haul Project, Forestfield Public Transport Authority Project, and the Hexham LTTSF Project.


“I can’t fault the way they scoped and executed what was to be a very large project. I’d say no job is too big for them.”

Peter Stevenson
General Manager, Client Services

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