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The Health and Medical Industry

The healthcare industry relies on dependable Power Quality and Management systems to ensure continuous operations of critical facilities and equipment.

Hospitals, clinics, and labs need a consistent power supply for life-saving equipment like ventilators and monitors. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are vital for protecting against power disruptions that could affect patient care.

Stable power supports digitised medical records, telemedicine, and imaging technologies, while effective management optimises energy usage and ensures regulatory compliance. Prioritising power quality enhances patient outcomes and efficiency, maintaining high standards of care while minimising risks and disruptions.


Queensland Children’s Hospital


The Queensland Children’s Hospital serves as the primary public healthcare facility for young patients in Queensland.

For many years, Power On Australia has been entrusted with providing Preventative Maintenance services for the essential power quality equipment on-site. During these visits, we prioritize thoroughness, going above and beyond to identify any potential power risks in the assessed equipment or nearby systems. Our commitment stems from recognizing the critical need for clean and uninterrupted power, especially when patients are involved.

Queensland Ambulance

QLD Ambulance Service

The Queensland Ambulance Service plays a vital role in the primary healthcare sector by providing timely and patient-focused ambulance services. Initially engaged to address on-site generator issues at one of their stations, Power On Australia identified that Queensland Ambulance had been purchasing equipment in larger sizes than necessary, including some unnecessary items. Subsequently, we have been advising Queensland Ambulance on their site-specific power quality requirements, leading to more efficient equipment procurement and reduced expenses.

“The difference in service between the other company and Power On Australia was like night and day. The team is very professional; offered sound, real advice that was uncomplicated and easy to follow and seemed to genuinely want to help.”

Manager, Queensland Ambulance Service

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Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital

Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane offers extensive adult surgical, medical, and cancer services to the public.

Power On Australia played a crucial role in supplying and assisting with the design and installation of key Power Quality Equipment supporting telecommunications at the hospital. This involved extensive investigation and negotiation with onsite engineers to design the ultimate power protection system. The system includes two large 80kVA UPS systems in parallel, along with power distribution and system monitoring. Power On Australia continues to provide ongoing maintenance and remote monitoring services, ensuring immediate onsite response in case of a power event.

Redcliffe Hospital

Redcliffe HospitalEstablished in 1961 to cater to the burgeoning population in the Moreton Region of Queensland, Redcliffe Hospital offers a range of surgical, medical, and cancer-related services.

Power On Australia has been entrusted with the ongoing preventative maintenance of UPS systems throughout the hospital for many years. Additionally, we have provided guidance to Site Engineers on the purchase and installation of UPS equipment to safeguard valuable medical instruments.

City Fertility

City Fertility

City Fertility stands as one of Australia’s premier IVF and fertility service providers, boasting 16 state-of-the-art clinics nationwide.

Over recent years, Power On Australia has conducted various Power Audits for City Fertility, catering to their specialized laboratory equipment requirements, which include sperm, egg, and embryo freezing units. As a result, we’ve designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned numerous tailored power quality configurations, ensuring continuous and reliable power supply for City Fertility’s critical operations.

AGFA HealthCare

AGFA HealthCare specializes in delivering healthcare solutions by providing secure, effective, and sustainable imaging data management systems for clinics, radiologists, cardiologists, and pathologists.

For many years, Power On Australia has been a trusted supplier of specific UPS units tailored to various AGFA imaging machines. These UPS units ensure that battery backup is always integrated and considered as an essential component of their package, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of AGFA’s critical imaging equipment.

“The difference in service between the other company and Power On Australia was like night and day. The team is very professional; offered sound, real advice that was uncomplicated and easy to follow and seemed to genuinely want to help.”

Queensland Ambulance Service

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