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The Construction Industry

Construction sites require a consistent and reliable power supply to safely and effectively operate essential tools and equipment such as power tools, lighting, cranes, and heavy machinery.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are essential for safeguarding against power disruptions that could lead to delays, increased costs, and compromised safety. Moreover, with the increasing adoption of technology in construction, such as Building Information Modelling and site automation, stable Power Quality is crucial for supporting these systems’ uninterrupted operation.

Effective Power Management practices also play a vital role in optimizing energy usage, reducing operational costs, and minimizing environmental impact.


FL Smidth & Co


FL Smidth & Co is a multinational technology company that specializes in providing the global mining and cement industries with equipment and services.

Over the years, Power On Australia has been a reliable provider of maintenance services for FLSmidth’s UPS and generators across several Australian sites, with contracts extending nationwide. This partnership encompasses site audits and equipment replacement services as needed, ensuring uninterrupted operations for FL Smidth & Co.

A.G. Coombs


A.G. Coombs, a prominent industry leader in building services, offers a comprehensive range of whole-of-life technical services for mechanical and air-conditioning systems in buildings.

Power On Australia has been a trusted partner for A.G. Coombs, supporting their teams at numerous sites across Australia. This collaboration includes conducting site audits, supplying suitable UPS units, and providing ongoing maintenance services thereafter.

Destec Contracting

Destec Contracting

Destec Contracting in Western Australia is renowned for delivering highly innovative and specialized engineering, fabrication, construction, and operation services to the mining and resources industry across Australia.

Power On Australia has served as a trusted source of power quality advice for the Destec team for numerous years. This partnership encompasses engineering support within our domain of expertise, along with the provision of fit-for-purpose equipment and ongoing maintenance support.


“I can’t fault the way they scoped and executed what was to be a very large project. I’d say no job is too big for them.”

Peter Stevenson
General Manager, Client Services

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