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Dr Andrew Sullivan manages an advanced characterisation facility supporting research at Deakin University’s four campuses in Southern Victoria. The facility has $30 million worth of instruments, including an atom probe, various forms of electron microscopes and a dual column ion/electron platform.

Deakin Research


The instruments at the advanced characterisation facility are complex and expensive. The electrical conditions at this site are challenging and Dr Sullivan needs the power to be high quality and always available.

“If one of our instruments goes down, we lose approximately $40,000 per day in research value. Halted research incurs a significant cost  sue to milestones for funding are not being reached. If there’s a problem with power supply, I need to know within 30 minutes.

We have invested in excess of $300k on electrical protection: generators, UPS’, surge protection, monitoring hardware/software, maintenance contracts and other repair costs, plus consultants’ fees to review the installation site.”

“In 18 years working with Power On Australia, I can confidently say they have never let me down.”

Dr Andrew Sullivan
Manager Electron Microscopy
Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University


Andrew has partnered with Power On Australia for 18 years. He primarily orders UPS’ through them, and engages their engineers when external technical expertise is required.

“With Power On Australia, you’re not just sold a UPS then left to your own devices. They invest the time to learn about the local electrical  environment so that when the units are installed, they work well the first time. In my experience other providers do not engage as deeply with the conditions of the customer’s electrical environment.

Apart from their in-depth product knowledge, I also appreciate their technical expertise. Our site experiences regular disruptive power  irregularities, and on occasion requires external review. POA has a team of engineers. Rather than paying for a consultant I was able to draw upon this expertise. In one of these reviews, they provided valuable insight to the problem,” says Dr Sullivan.

Power On Australia also maintains a location-based record of all installations, readily facilitating maintenance.


“I rely on Power On Australia not just for their high-quality products, tailored installation support and technical expertise – but also for their accessibility and responsiveness. If there’s a problem, I need to be able to get hold of someone quickly. Power On have never let me down.”

Dr Andrew Sullivan, Manager Electron Microscopy, Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University

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