Legacy UPS and replacement models

Eaton 9355 and Eaton 9155

Upgrade your UPS today – improve efficiency and reduce your costs!

Upgrading your UPS to the latest products can improve the efficiency, reliability and consistency of your power supply.

Improve uptime

Improve uptime by upgrading your old UPS system

Newer products provide greater reliability and dependability for power supply.

Save money

Save money by upgrading your outdated UPS system

Spend less money on maintaining an old UPS system and upgrade today.

Providing power

Provide consistent power by upgrading your UPS System

Improve power supply to your plant and deliver more consistency today.


Avoid overrun on maintenance costs and replace your UPS

Faulty, inefficient and unreliable UPS systems generally cost more in maintenance than they do to replace.

Legacy UPS Products and their Replacement Models

Legacy UPS Replacement Model
Eaton 5115 Rackmount Eaton 5P
Eaton 5115 Tower Eaton 5P
Eaton 5130 Eaton 5SX
Eaton 5SC Eaton 5P
Eaton 9130 Eaton 9SX Tower
Eaton 9155 Marine Eaton 91PS
Eaton 9355 Eaton 93PS
Eaton 9355 Marine Eaton 93PS
Eaton 9390 Eaton 93E
Eaton 9395 Eaton 93E
Eaton 9EHD Eaton 93PS
Eaton Evolution Eaton 5P
Eaton Evolution S Eaton 5SX
Eaton EX Eaton 9PX
Eaton EX RT Eaton 9PX
Eaton Micro Data Centre Eaton 9SX Rackmount
Eaton MX Eaton 9PX
Powerware 5110 Eaton 5PX
Powerware 5125 Eaton 5PX
Powerware 9120 Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9125 Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9135 Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9140 Eaton 9SX Tower
Powerware 9170 Eaton 93PM
Powerware 9305 Eaton 93PS
Powerware 9370 Eaton 93E
Powerware PB 4000 Eaton 93PS
Riello iDialog Eaton 5S
Riello Net Power PowerShield Commander Tower
Riello Sentinel Dual (SDH) PowerShield Centurion Rack/Tower
Riello Sentinel Dual (SDU) PowerShield Centurion Rack/Tower
Riello Sentinel Power Green PowerShield Centurion Tower
Riello Sentinel Pro (SEP) PowerShield Centurion Tower
Riello Sentinel Tower (STW) PowerShield Centurion Tower
Riello Sentryum (S3M) PowerShield Centurion Tower
Riello Vision PowerShield Commander Tower
Riello Vision Dual PowerShield Commander RT
Sola 520 Eaton 5PX
Sola 610 Eaton 9SX Tower
Sola 620 Eaton 9PX
Vertiv GXT3 Vertiv GXT5
Vertiv ITA Vertiv NXC
Vertiv PSI PowerSheild Commander Tower
Vetiv GXT4 Vetiv GXT5

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Upgrade your UPS today and benefit from improved consistency, performance and reliability from your power supply.

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