SafeTrack TC-40080-2WE

Ultimate High-Energy Shunt Clamp.


Introducing the TC-400/80-2WE: your ultimate high-energy shunt clamp for providing secondary protection to incoming cables from solar power supplies. With an impressive total transient fault rating of 240kA per unit, this device offers robust defense against potential electrical hazards.

Designed to limit high-energy differential or common mode transients, the TC-400/80-2WE is perfect for various applications, including point-of-entry installations in remote control buildings or cabinets within Categories C Area 4 (according to AS1768-2007 standards).

Each protection stage of the TC-400/80-2WE is meticulously monitored, ensuring reliability. In the rare event of protection failure, a local normally closed contact triggers a warning to the building management system or annunciator, facilitating timely maintenance scheduling.

Benefit from the TC-400/80-2WE’s multi-strike capability, backed by a generous 5-year warranty when correctly installed. Its simple parallel installation process, coupled with comprehensive instructions, ensures hassle-free setup and peace of mind.

Invest in the TC-400/80-2WE for dependable, long-lasting protection against transients, supported by industry-leading performance and reliability.

Features include:

Download the product brochure (above) for more features.

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Features include:

Download the product brochure (above) for more features.

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