Power On team in Japan

Our Business Manager, Kylie Lockett attends the Eaton Partners Experience in Japan

I was incredibly lucky to be invited to this year's Eaton Partners Experience to Japan! On reflection on the way home, I wrote this…
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From lands far away, us experienced Eaton’ers all flew, into the heart of Tokyo, to do a fly through.

From the bright lights of Shinjuku City, to the calming Meiji Jingu Shrine, with extreme carting, and fishing being enjoyed at the time.

Plenty of authentic food was consumed, with a Japanese Whiskey or two, followed by some serious laughing and dancing, from which some very sore feet will remembered by a few.

The air was cold and Tokyo City alive, with all the walking around we thankfully survived.

Now, I think we all agree that Eaton shouted us all a real treat, which if we Saki down with Eaton we may all be able to repeat.

As we all fly back to our humbled abodes, a big Thank You to Eaton for the thoughtfulness in loads.

Eaton and Tokyo I will forever have entwined, with all the fab new friends and the memories intwined.

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