We keep the Power On for…

BAI Communications operates one of the most extensive broadcast networks in the world, delivering fully managed radio and television services covering 99% of the Australian population. In times of crisis, such as natural disasters, emergency services and national broadcasters rely on BAI to maintain their communications.

Signal and communication


In 2019, BAI Communications were implementing a program of replacing input racks for their FM radio sites across Australia. At the same time, they were phasing out the lead acid batteries in their UPS’ and replacing them with lithium batteries. It was a major program, requiring 50 – 100 lithium UPS’. When COVID hit, supply chains were disrupted, delaying orders. There was a requirement to buy in bulk to ensure the continuity of the program, but with UPS’ being installed in stages, it would have meant significant value in lithium batteries sitting on the shelf. UPS’ need to remain charged. When batteries are stored over time and not maintained, they will reduce in effectiveness.

“Offering to store our UPS’ until needed is going above and beyond. Their service is exceptional. They are just a great company to work with.”

Ben Kirk
Project Manager
BAI Communications


Power On Australia has a large warehouse at its head office in Salisbury, Brisbane. When BAI Communications Project Manager Ben Kirk contracted Power On Australia to manage the bulk order of lithium UPS’, an offer was made to hold and maintain the stock in the company’s warehouse. Power On Australia would deliver the UPS’ as required: normally in groups of 4 – 8 units delivered to 2 sites. They would arrive on site fully charged with the full warranty in place.


“The warehousing option from Power On Australia is unique – I’ve never heard of any other company offering that. With Power On Australia delivering the UPS units only as needed, they are saving us significant time and money. It means we don’t have to store the UPS units ourselves – we receive them at the point of installation. It’s a game changer. The team at Power On is proactive, responsive and their communication is excellent. I’ve never had to chase them, which is important to me.”

– Ben Kirk, Project Manager BAI Communications

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